September 24,2022


  • Bnet Technologies primarially focuses on web application and microsoft office application development.
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    App Development
  • System documentation including network maps and cabeling layouts, hardware and software inventory, asset management.
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  • Networking services including systems design, cabeling, routing & switching, diagrams & documentation, internet access options and security solutions.
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  • Computing systems, servers, workstations, mobile solutions, hardware and software upgrades.
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About Me

Hello, my name is Bryan Didas and I am the primary contributor to this website and the owner of Bnet Technologies. My career has primarily has been in the engineering field as a mechanical and project engineer. So what does that have to do with IT? Well not much, but engineering in any form is problem solving. I became involved in computers, programming and such as a user who needed a faster more stable system, or a routine to reduce redundant efforts. I began to tinker, upgrade, and tweak. In reality I thought and still think technology is just plain cool. I am a technology junkie; I love hardware, software, networking, internet, communication, and devices. I suppose I love to learn and technology is in such a rapid pace of evolution there is always something new.

Through the earlier part of my career I worked for smaller companies where it was normal to wear several hats. Within any business day there was a possibility to design some type of widget, troubleshoot a printer or develop some routine or script to reduce a repetitive task. Being someone who has an ability to multitask and who has had good success solving technology issues this fits me very well. Over time I gained experience and improved skills, and in many cases was able to solve problems without the need to bring an outside consultant, which saved the company money.

I enjoy learning so I enrolled in various programs at the local community college. I took classes that provided me a deeper knowledge within the software and tools I used. I was then able to share my knowledge with co-workers by answering the "How do I" questions or developing tools to assist with their tasks.

Acting as the in house support and participating in several system upgrades; including network hardware, servers and desktop systems, I began to gain more interest in networking and administration. With a small network at home and encouragement from my employer, and other peers in the field I began the MCSE track. The program I got involved with was about 9 months long, I completed the training and all the labs, took the exams and got my certificate.

Over the next few years I successfully completed 2 large system and server upgrades either on my own or as the project manager with a local group providing support and components. I continued to provide day to day administrative tasks, bringing support from the outside when needed.

Early on as I was being bitten by the technology bug, I have a memory of the internet, for it was CompuServe where you typed in commands like GET to display some text. At that time there were no graphics, no links, and a black background with green text. It wasn’t long that we began to see a graphic interface. I became very interested in web development, building basic web presence sites, shopping cart sites, dynamic data driven sites.

Today I still am all about technology I am more focused on the SOHO environment for systems and networking. I continue to enjoy web development, currently focusing on data driven web applications with ASP.NET and SQL server.