Ajax Controls, Error: ‘Sys.Extended.UI’ is null or not an object

September 7 2010 18:19 / by: Bryan Didas / Filed in:Ajax, ASP.NET

While working through an integration of BlogEngine.Net into an existing web application I ran into a small issue with the Ajax controls I had implemented within the existing site. After the BE was migrated into the web application I noticed that when I viewed the page with the Ajax controls that rendering wasn't correct and that I started to get an error warning within the browser.

WebPage Error

Digging deeper into the error and the rendering issue I found “Error: ‘Sys.Extended.UI’ is null or not an object”. Obviously it was some conflict with the controls from BE to the Ajax controls on the original site.

The solution turned out to be pretty easy, the controls used within BlogEngine.Net and the Ajax control toolkit used within my original web application were conflicting. The solution was to add the CombineScripts=”false” option.


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Bnet Technologies Network

September 5 2010 20:00 / by: Bryan Didas / Filed in:General

Over the next several postings I would like to document the network configuration we have at Bnet Technologies. Bnet Technologies is an office within the home, so it fits the definition of SOHO or Small office home office.

Some of the topics that will be explored are the layout or infrastructure of the network. I will provide a sample map, the documentation of this network. We use a Windows Home Server as the data storage and data backup. The WHS also provides a method to access the network from the outside, and its called remote access. I will also get into some detail about add ins available for the WHS. Our SOHO uses a broadband internet connection to provide access the world wide web and I will get into some detail about options for utilizing this technology. Bnet Technologies is a good example of a small business that is not located where more traditional high speed internet access is available.