September 24,2022


  • Bnet Technologies primarially focuses on web application and microsoft office application development.
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    App Development
  • System documentation including network maps and cabeling layouts, hardware and software inventory, asset management.
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  • Networking services including systems design, cabeling, routing & switching, diagrams & documentation, internet access options and security solutions.
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  • Computing systems, servers, workstations, mobile solutions, hardware and software upgrades.
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Application Developement

Bnet Technologies primarially focuses on web application and microsoft office application development.

By listening and understanding your business needs we will take your application concepts through planning, development, testing, and implimentation. Let Bnet Technologies explore opportunities to help your business organize digital data and reduce repetitive tasks.

Internet or Intranet Web Applications

Web Presence – We can supply a simple web presence for your business, which will let people know who you are and what services you offer and how to contact your business. The key to a random web search finding your site and you are keywords and listing your business on all web appropriate directories.

Web application – Dynamically driven web applications utilizing databases and a web forms and interface to gather and display your business data. Examples of web applications would be customer portals, issue or service tickets, time and task management, shopping carts, and other content management applications.

MS Office Applications

MS Office Applications could fall into many forms, typically anything from a MS Word template or form, a MS Excel workbook that performs some type of data collection and calculations, to a full blown MS Access database application. MS Office applications work well with smaller outfits that many not a client-server configuration, they can be flexible and more familiar to current users.


Defined as a collection of data organized typically in digital form from a variety of users. Data can be stored in many types of formats depending on your needs, from a simple grid in Excel to a more complex relational database such as in MS Access or SQL.

Database development stand alone or with a fully functional application. Databases included from SQL, Access, XML, Excell.