September 24,2022


  • Bnet Technologies primarially focuses on web application and microsoft office application development.
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    App Development
  • System documentation including network maps and cabeling layouts, hardware and software inventory, asset management.
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  • Networking services including systems design, cabeling, routing & switching, diagrams & documentation, internet access options and security solutions.
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  • Computing systems, servers, workstations, mobile solutions, hardware and software upgrades.
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Documentation of your network and computer systems; including cabling & port maps, hardware and asset inventory, maintenance logs, data storage maps, and user data. Current and accurate documentation of your systems enables quicker troubleshooting, a safer and more secure environment, and clearer lifecycle analysis. This will help to reduce downtime and add to your bottom line.

Network Maps

Networks today of almost any size contain hardwired and wireless connected devices. Ethernet and WAN maps are just two types of network documentation. We will review your office layout trace out cabling and document your system as a network diagram. Each device in the office environment will be mapped to include its name or id, its physical address and the location.

Hardware & Software Inventory

Inventory and asset management is crucial for business by keeping track of the tools their employee's are using. A good management tool will provide decision makers with an accurate snap shot of software installed, the version, license details for compliancy, and patches that have been applied. The lifecycle of hardware and a maintenance log can also be managed with a detailed asset list.

Asset Inventory can be as simple as a spreadsheet or more complex within a database application. Either way documenting your systems information is an ideal way to manage your hardware and software.

Other Documentation

Other items or systems that should be documented in any business environment would be security systems, backup and data storage.